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The game of BagToss (A.K.A. Bean Bag Game or Cornhole) has a vast history dating back as far as the 14th century. Object of the game is to toss the bags so they land on the board or in the hole. Bag Toss 2 is an exciting variation of this old tradition. The slot is the only difference and it is worth more points.Click here for a Printable Version

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> The game can be played with singles or doubles. When playing singles, each player throws at the same board. These two opposing players battle by throwing four bags alternating after every bag to complete a round. After each round, the players go to the other side and throw. When playing doubles, each player's partner is directly across from them competing against the other team's partner.

> Earning Points - To earn points, you must outscore your opponent for the round. The difference in score is your earned points. Points are scored by throwing the bag:

> The player/team that earns points in one round goes first for the next round.

> The player/team to earn at least 21pts by the end of a round wins the game. If there is a tie, another round is played until the tie is broken.

> Dead Bags - Bags can not touch the ground. If a bag hits the ground and then rolls onto the board, that bag is dead and may be removed.

> Skunk - If a player/team is winning at least 13pts to 0pts by the end of the round then that team wins the game. This rule is intended for casual play and not tournaments.

> Set and Match- A set is the best of three games. A match is the best of any number of sets (generally 3, 5 or 7).

Scoring Examples Playing field

More rules for the pros:

> After the last bag is thrown in a round, allow 5 seconds after the bags have come to rest before picking them up

Pro Tips: If your bags are sliding off the board, add more arc to your toss. Toss the bag with a smooth swing of the arm; consistency is key. As you toss, your feet start off together, then as you begin your swing, step with your opposite foot towards the foul line. Throw the bags close to the foul line without stepping over the foul line. For more tips visit our Tips page.

Playing Surface: Our boards work best on soft surfaces like grass and sand. Check out our tips page for playing on hard surfaces.

Care Tips: It’s best to keep the boards and bags dry and to minimize exposure to UV.

Safety: Children should not play on or around the playing field without close supervision of a responsible parent. Do not stand or play on the boards. Do not eat the filler in the bags, it is plastic. Please drink alcohol responsibly.

Disclaimer: Vorticy Sports, Inc. is not responsible, nor liable for damage, including, but not limited to property damage, personal injury or death as a result of storing, transporting or playing our game. Therefore, By purchasing our products, you agree to these terms as indicated herein.

BagToss Classic and Bag Toss 2 is a trademark of Vorticy Sports, Inc. and the design of the Bag Toss 2 game is patent pending. Bag Toss is also known as Bean Bag Game, Cornhole, Corn toss to name a few.

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WARNING! Bag Toss fun and excitement to your next party. Please play responsibly.